Wrting to learn (WTL) the effects of written assignments on students learning and writing skills

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This research aims to develop a model based on writing to learn (WTL) and the effective on promotion of learning and writing skills of students. Therefore, use the nonequivalent control group design with pre- test and post- test. 115 of the undergraduate students of Education University were assigned at random in three groups: Group 1 (short writing assignments), group 2 (analytical essay), and control group (traditional instruction). Analysis of data from the implementation of research instruments (achievement test and California Basic skills tests training in (CBEST)), After the pre-test and post-test before and after the presentation of 16 sessions were conducted , showing to : 1 – The mean learning scores in the writing groups ,at all levels except level recall, was higher than the traditional group and the mean learning in the analytical essay group were higher than short writing assignments group in the apply level. 2- a significant increase in writing scores was observed for two groups of students in the often writing skills, especially analytical essay groups. Overall, the findings confirmed on the effectiveness of teaching writing based on the promotion of learning and writing skills of students and revealed that the analytical essay is more effective than short assignments.