Life Skills Needed by Junior High School Students


Faculty member, Tabriz University


Complexities and quick changes in human life have faced him with various challenges. How to adapt to conditions and difficulties originated in these challenges, are the basic concerns of practitioners, especially in educational area.

As it prepares people to cope with problems efficiently, causes positive behaviors and then makes it possible to attain to successful life, life skills education has been attended by managers of instructional systems. In decision making process for curriculum planning or instructional designing, need assessment is very critical. So, the purpose of this research was to determine the life skills needed by junior high school student, and to present some guides to apply them to the planning of life skills curriculum. In this term determining the range of life skills and need assessment from students have been considered.

Research methods used in this study were analytical-inductive method and need assessment. Library studies and researcher- made questionnaire were used in this study. To analyze the data, statistical AHP method was utilized. Society of the research included male/female junior high school students among whom 600 people were selected.

The results showed that their major priorities concerning life skills were those related to psycho- social abilities, life affairs- management, responsible citizenship, psychological and physical health which should be considered in decision- making elements of life skills curriculum.