Surveying Role of Feeling ofEnergy in Relation of Evolution Leadership with Staff Contribute in Work Creativity



This study was conducted aiming to survey role of feeling of energy in relation of evolution leadership with staff contribute in work creativity. Statistical population was employees and staffs of Hier Company who were 525 persons (2009 summer). 332 employees were selected for contribution in the study by quota stratified sampling. Research instruments were 8-question feeling-of-energy questionnaire, 22-question evolution leadership questionnaire, and 9-question creativity-at-work questionnaire. The data were analyzed through Pearson correlation analysis, structural equations modeling, and intermediate regression analysis. Correlation analysis results indicated that there is meaningful and positive relation between feeling of energy, and evolution leadership and creativity at work (P < 0.01).Results of structural equations modeling approved model of study based on evolution leadership influence on feeling of energy in employees and then influence of feeling of energy on creativity at work. Intermediate regression analysis showed that feeling of energy at work plays role of intermediate variable between evolution leadership and creativity at work. At this research, creativity is measured in form of self-reporting as a limitation and all of research questionnaires were answered at the same time. Suggestion based on study results is that evolution leadership skills should be trained to managers and supervisors during to training workshops.