comparison of high school students mental health in regard to generation and place of residance



This research wants to compare mental Health of students in Masal –
shanderman and Rezwanshahr high schools – 300 male and female students were selected as sample group through a multi- stage cluster.
Sampling . GHQ – 28 questionnaire , which consists of four sub-scales of somatic symptom anxiety, social dysfunction and depression, was used for screening and determining prevalence rate of the above disorders.
The results showed that 14.3 of the studied adolescents lacked mental health and indicated girls were of less mental health than boys.
Regarding anxiety and social dysfunction there were significant differences between boys and girls girls showed more anxiety and social dysfunction than boys. Despite of a 16.7 and 18 percents prevalence rates of the said disorders, 14.3 of the adolescent's shows depression and 15.3 was of somatic symptom, there was no significant difference Between boys and girls.