Study of Existing and Desirable Condition for Achieving Common Ideals from Viewpoint of Isfahan’s Education Experts and Managers



 This study surveys existing and desirable condition for achieving common ideals from viewpoint of Isfahan’s education experts and managers. This is descriptive survey. Statistical population is all managers, deputies, and experts of Isfahan Education offices. Statistical population is 1539 persons. Seven districts including district 2, district 3, district 4, Jey Area, Najafabad, Shahreza, and Kashan were selected among 40 educational zones by random sampling. 126 persons were selected by sample size estimation method and stratified sampling proportional to size. Data gathering tools were semi-structured interview and made questionnaire. In order to prepare basic study and design the questionnaire, managers, deputies, and experts of Isfahan Education districts 2 and 3 were interviewed. In order to evaluate validity of questionnaire, its questions were surveyed by 6 faculty members of University of Isfahan. Based on information achieved from interview and researches of other researches, there were 22 clos-ended questions and one open-ended question. Questionnaire reliability in existing and desirable condition were respectively 0.88 and 0.94 according to Cronbach’s Alpha. Findings showed that observed t is more than table critical number in one percent error level. So, existing and desirable solutions in this study are effective for achieving common ideal more than average level. Findings resulted from interview and open question showed that “atittude change in education office high-level managers and officials towards importance of strategic educational planning” is most important solution for achieving common ideal. Also, findings indicated that observed f in/p≤0.05 level was not meaningful. Therefore, there is no meaningful difference between contributors’ ideas based on demographic factors, sex, work experience, and position considering common ideal achievement. But based on results of Yuki Test, there was meaningful difference in their ideas based on academic degree.