Comparison of student life skills between new incoming and final year students of Farhangian Alborz University 2018-2019

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1 : Department of Pedagogy, Farhangian University, Alborz, Iran.

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Introduction: Student life in Farhangian University is accompanied by special challenges and tensions that make it necessary to acquire life skills. The research method of the present research is of the field research type and its statistical population included all students of Alborz provincial campuses in 2018-2019, 564 of whom were selected by stratified random sampling method and answered the "Student Life Skills" questionnaire. . The t-test of two independent groups was used to analyze the data. The findings of the research showed that there is a significant difference between student life skills, new entry students and final year students in Alborz province campuses. Effective communication skills, coping with anger and coping with stress in final year students were significantly higher than new students. But there was no significant difference in self-awareness skills. Also, according to the gender factor, the findings of the research showed that the amount of effective communication skills was higher in boys than in girls, but the skills of coping with anger and coping with stress were higher in girls than in boys, and no significant difference was observed in self-awareness skills. The comparison of student life skills in new entry and final year girls also showed that effective communication, coping with anger and emotional self-awareness were not different, but the stress coping skills in final year students were higher than new entries. This comparison between new entry and final year boys also showed that there was no difference in effective communication skills and emotional self-awareness, and the average anger and stress coping skills of final year boys were higher than new entry students. Conclusion: In general, teaching self-awareness skills to all male and female students and teaching skills needs more attention and training. Skills are important according to the needs of students and gender. According to the gender, communication skills training is suggested for new entry boys and anger management skills for new entry girls.