The Relationship between Teaching Styles with Academic Motivation and Engagement in Students

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The purpose of this research is survey relationship between teacher teaching style and student academic motivation and involvement High school boys and girls of Hirmand in 93-94. The study used a descriptive and correlational research method. The population of this research are High school boys and girls of Hirmand, number of 2310 people. The sample size of the study using a sample of Morgan, is 325 and sampling is stratified random survey. In this study, to collect data, a questionnaire (questionnaire teacher as social context (TASC), academic motivation questionnaire (AMS) and spontaneous strategies for learning questionnaire (Paintball Rich and Degrod, 1991) was used . to analyze the data, descriptive and inferential statistical methods were used.The dimensions of the conflict, autonomy and teaching style structure there is a significant positive relationship with students' motivation. The dimensions of the conflict, autonomy and the teaching style teaching style conflict involving school children, there is a significant positive relationship. Academic motivation is different between boys and girls and female students higher motivation. Academic engagement between boys and girls is different and students, boys and girls have the same degree of involvement. Academic motivation and academic engagement of students in different grade are not the same and students dealing with a relatively high degree of motivation and involvement.