The Effect used multimedia with worked examples on learning and Retention in a mathematic course

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Multimedia production increasing in recent decades, progress in education and training has been accepted as a style that should be designed according to scientific principles. One of the most important principles in its study, using the example of education. Examples are discussed education as a teaching method and are used in various ways to facilitate learning. In this study, pretest-posttest design with control group was used. The population of all students in the fifth grade girls using available sampling and randomly assigned into two groups of 30 peopel were tested. The instruments used in this study were self-made multi-media instruction and learning tests with the reliability of0/78, retention test with the reliability of 0/80. Data analysis and analysis of variance and t-test was performed using SPSS version 20. Results showed that mean that use of educational multimedia training examples were trained solved in the learning phase 20/17 and the average traditional group < /font> was 14 more than the control group < /font> and the experimental group < /font> mean differences based on analysis of covariance as a result of the significant difference was detected after training to practice with examples of educational multimedia solution has been effective in enhancing learning.p =0.004)