Meta analysis studies on affecting factors on student’s motivation in ‎Iran

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this study was conducted with this purpose؛Meta-analysis studies on affecting factors on student’s motivation. Methods of quantitative nature of the study were combined with the Meta– analytic approach and with review of 195 published articles in journal of Iran. These were formed the study population. 24 articles were found access to enter the meta- analyzes by checking this series of articles. This study analyzes other conducted analysis by analyzes published articles between (2000- 2015). The preferential meta-analysis model consists of the mixed approach of Hunter and Smith. Each study was analyzed by variety of statistical tests and then this analysis was transferred to correlation then data was analyzed by using the Meta-analysis software. the results of the studies combined and affect size showed that design and implement educational and programs self-regulation strategies, learning approaches, grouping communication cognitive, emotional and social functioning, using creativity, Hope to work, personality traits, personal status, academic achievement and socialization has impact on academic student’s motivation in Iran, But the educational pressures, gender differences, psychological and cognitive variables of population and using essential work book have had not positive and significant impact on academic student’s Motivation in Iran. According to the results, it is necessary to university authorities through proper strategy to increase motivation among students to action.