A Systematic Review: the Structural Models of the Relationship between Achievement Goals, Cognitive and Meta- Cognitive Strategies and Academic Achievement

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The aim of this study was to systematic review of the proposed structural models about the relationship between achievement goals , cognitive and metacognitive strategies and academic achievment. method: The narrative based systematic review was employed which is a type of meta- analysis methods. the statistical Population includes all studies which used structural equation models in oder to investigate the relation between achievement goals, cognitive and metacognitive strategies and academic acgievment in iran. according to inclusion and exclusion criteria, 15 studies of 37 foundsed studies using internet search, were selected: 6 path analysis article and 9 structural equations model. the result showed that the academic achievement has significant effect on academic achievement . the correlation  means of the direct impact of the approach performance goales on self- regulation and meta- cognitive was more than correlation means of the direct impact of the mastery goales. the direct impact of metacognitive strateges on academic achievement was higher than the cognitive strateges.

acoording to the result we can conclude that the impact of meta cognitive in learning is vigorous than cognitive due to its controlling and monitoring components.