Analysis of Teacher training students’ experiences of practicum

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Future Teachers of Education are Current students that pay on the actual location of the practicum to development their professional knowledge. The aim of this study was Teacher training students experiences of practicum on professional knowledge development. The reserch method used in this study was qualitative method and was of phenomenological type. all the teacher students of Tehran Teacher training have passed practicum in the academic year 2014-2015  were choseen  as the statistical population. then, 22 teacher students wee chosen through the target sampling. Due to data saturation, the Research found this number sufficient. The instrument being used was Unstructured and depth interviews. data analysis was used Colaizzi analysis. The reliability and validity study root in four ((real value, applicability, consistency and whether based on fact)) . The results were extracted of 112 initial code, 17 under the theme and 3 main themes, including schools, universities, training and learning opportunities in the curriculum.  Data analysis showed that practicum with the participation and active engagement between schools and universities, Clarity of objectives, activities and learning opportunities of the practicum curriculum Gradually increases teacher students subject knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, pedagogical content and general knowledge topics knowledge, skill and ability of both position. Collaboration with university experienced, supportive and evaluation professors and guide teachers provides Place and time for developing teacher competencies.