An Investigation into the Impact of Grafting M-game onto the Blended Module of L2 Pedagogy

Document Type : Original Article



Through implanting non-English mobile game (m-game) of 'Xane Bazi' into the blended module of English vocabulary pedagogy, this study sought to investigate the role of dyads make-up on L2 English learners' vocabulary learning ability. To that end, 150 Iranian male and female students of engineering from Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) were homogenized as upperintermediate to learn the L2 vocabulary items during 36 blended sessions. By formative assessment of learners throughout the course a corpus containing those vocabulary items that learners utilized in their communication was formed. To achieve triangulation research design, a preresearch questionnaire and a focused interview were conducted. The statistical analysis of the participants' performance testified not only to the significance of dyad make-up on the way the vocabulary items were understood and learned, but also the significance of application of non-English m-game of 'Xane Bazi' in the process of L2 vocabulary learning via the blended module of L2 pedagogy. Also, the analyses of learners' answers to the items of the questionnaire and interview showed correspondence between learners' attitude and performance.