The Changes (Transformations) of Religious Curriculum in Elementary Education in Iran



Religious education has always been offered in Iranian old and new schooling systems. From the very beginning of the new and legislated instructions in Iran, the elementary education has never been in want of educational goals due to the recommendation of "science constitutional law" about "teaching the necessary religious precepts". The goals of religious education, throughout the modern education life -spon are developed, have become clearer, and teaching method has gone through changes so that the planners at the educational centers have been authorized to select the content, organizational principles have been more accurately considered, and application of "written presentation" method has become dominant. The religious education has pervaded the lower grades, and the education periods have also gone through changes. Evaluation has not played a role in the religious education plans and the decisions have rarely been made according to the evaluation findings, therefore, the religious education plans, despite having an improved trend, are distant from the desired form, and thus require revision, reconstruction and improvement.