The Study of Educational View of Postmodernism With Emphasis on Foucault sand Derrida sThoughts



In the contemporary world, postmodernism principles, foundations, and doctrines are becoming widely familiar so that they have led to new issues in different realms like politics, art, literature and specially education. The existence of these new issues, especially in education, makes their study necessary.

In a word, it might be claimed that postmodernism in educational domain, explains the crisis of the modern education and, in fact, it criticizes the general situation of education in the modern era. Postmodernist education, lacks constant and global bases. It relies on discourse, pluralism, difference, otherness, cultural studies, antiauthoritarianism and criticism.

In the present research, educational implications of postmodernism are explained in different dimensions including educational aims, the teacher and the student, the curriculum, teaching -learning methods, the school management, and educational research methods. At the end, the philosophical and educational viewpoints of postmodernism are criticized, and their strengths and weaknesses are explained.