Defining the Professional Competency Components of Teachers and the Analysis of it's Position in High Level Documents of Iran's Education



Survival and performance of educational systems depend on various knowledge and proficiency, and the abilities and skills of human resources especially teachers. The more teachers have competency and ability, the more they will elevate the performance level of the systems. The purpose of this study was to define the professional competency components of the teachers and analyze its position in high level documents of Iran's education. The research method was descriptive including document analysis and content analysis and the procedure was applied. Research population included two parts; texts related with teachers professional competency and the content of four high level documents of education (twenty –year- old perspective documents of the Islamic Republic of Iran, comprehensive scientific map of the country, fundamental shift document, national curriculum) that considering  the topic we forbear sampling and study the total society. Not taking form and self made content analysis list were the research tools. Document data and content analysis data were analyzed by qualitative method and descriptive indices in analytic process of Shannon entropy, respectively. The findings show that: 1. we can define the conceptual framework of teacher's competency based on the related documents of five components of knowledge, attitude, skill, ability and personality traits. 2. The degree of attention to competency components in high level documents of education is different so that the emphasis is on personality components and the least is on the ability components. 3. Among the studied documents, the highest coefficient was related to twenty –year- old perspective document (0.37) and the least coefficient was related to fundamental shift document (0.14) among the studied documents. Since the findings show the unbalanced distribution of defined components and disproportionate focus of the high level documents contents of the education, it is necessary to review their future versions in order to pay more attention to components which are not studied well.