Identification and Prioritization of Effective Factors and Indices of Manpower Quality in University



The purpose of this study was to identify and prioritize the effective factors and indices of manpower quality in university. The research method is applied in term of purposes, quantitative in term of data and survey in term of type of study. For this purpose, a self made 56-item questionnaire with six components of manpower quality including psychological, educational, management, cultural, physical and material factors was formulated based on purposes. The sample was the personnel of Shahed University including faculty members and employees with a degree higher than B.A. They were about 550 people from whom 226 were evaluated based on sample size defining formula and were selected randomly. Data were analyzed by SPSS, T-test and Friedman. Results showed that cultural-ethical factors and physical-material factors have the first and second place among other factors, respectively. Among cultural-ethical indices and physical-material indices sense of responsibility toward treasury and salary proportionality with the work activity have the highest rank respectively. Work consciousness index and doing duties ranked first among the studied indices.