Design the Audit Pattern of Educational and Research Processes



The purpose of the study was to design the audit pattern of research and educational process in university so that contexts, dimensions, elements and requirements which are necessary and effective for the audit of research and educational processes arranged based on its findings. The research is applied in term of purpose and the research method is explanatory-mixed. The pattern was arranged in three independent but related steps, which included theoretical studies, formulating the dimensions and components of the pattern, quantitative complement and approve of the pattern and finally the validation and finalizing the pattern. The sample included two groups of specialist and beneficiary in the qualitative stage from whom the sampling was done purposefully. Statistical population included 300 faculty members of Shahed University in quantitative stage. 168 individuals were selected by stratified sampling. Data were collected by questionnaire and interview. Qualitative data were analyzed by thematic analysis and quantitative data were analyzed by factor analysis, single-group T, variance analysis and structural equation model. The findings showed that for auditing the research and educational processes, it is necessary to consider structural requirements, audit levels, audit criteria and indices, executive program, audit of the main processes and finally audit report and that the audit of research and educational process is a multidimensional and multifactor trend which is complicated and dynamic. Finally it is concluded that effective confirmation and implementation of the research and educational processes entails a systematic, dynamic and formal procedure.