Position of Multi-dimensional intelligences Development in Roshd Training Magazine



The mission for educational systems is defined in flourishing the intelligence and multiple dimensions of audiences’ nature and development of intelligence various aspects is one of the goals which designers of Roshd magazine, as a training tool, should consider. The purpose of this paper is to study the rate of attention paid to development of multiple dimensions of intelligence according to Gardner’s theory in Roshd Magazine. Research domain includes Roshd, Noamouz, Koodak, Daneshamouz, Nojavan, and Javan magazines published in the first three-month period of 2008-2009 academic year. Content analysis was the methodology for this survey. The field scales for this research was page and registry scale was content and picture. Coding was in inductive method and according to nine categories in Gardner’s theory. For validation of coding process, the second coder was used and agreement rate was equal to 0.73. Findings showed that consideration to all dimensions of intelligence is not the same in Roshd magazine. Existentialism, naturalism, and interpersonal dimensions had respectively most attention while musical and visual-spatial dimensions of intelligence had the least. Also, applying the pictures in Roshd magazine was based on audiences’ thinking model.