Transforming from Disciplinary to Social Approach in Secondary School Social Educations Curriculum (Analysis on Existing and Desirable Status from Teachers’ Viewpoint)



The purpose of this paper was to study existing and desirable status of social educations in secondary school. This was descriptive survey and statistical population included all teachers in secondary schools in Orumiyeh. Survey methodology was census conduction. Structured questionnaire on properties of social educations curriculum in secondary schools was applied in order to study teachers’ view. In addition to questionnaire (main tool), complementary tool of guideline document to social educations curriculum in secondary schools was used for development of findings. Findings showed that all of teachers believe social educations curriculum dominant approach is discipline-oriented approach and this subject is reflected in all components such as goals, content, methodology, and evaluation. They suggested society-based approach for desirable condition. Comparison between existing and desirable status represented that differences between means are significant in all three value-oriented approaches. According to t-value, teachers do not agree with discipline-oriented approach and suggest student-oriented and society-oriented approach rather than discipline-oriented approach. Considering the nature of this curriculum, they prioritize society-oriented approach to student-oriented one.