Tehranese citizens view about the characters of ideal spouse



To study the views of Tehranese citizens about the characters of ideal spouse, a cross-sectional survey was made by using the questionnaire in the city of Tehran, on 812 people. The findings show that the characters of age, piety, moral (kindly), physical and mental health, dignity, working, the kind of job, income, social status, kinship, having same religion, having same ethnicity, social status and the economic situation and piety of the family of spouse have a lot of importance in Spouse Selection regarding to the views of the majority of the participants. Meanwhile, the physical and mental health, moral, dignity, and piety are more important. The majority of responders think that the beauty and the level of education have moderate importance. Most of them believe that twonsman has no importance in the election of wife. In addition, gender, kind of activity, the status of marriage and the level of education have significant relationship with their views about major or some characters of ideal spouse.