Strategic Moral Care in Management



Nowadays, employees’ welfare is at the first priorities by recognition of importance of available knowledge within organization’s intelligence asset. This type of asset is so various and dynamic in comparison with traditional assets. So, recruitment, employment, and retention of employees have become a challenge for managers. One of main questions in managers’ mind is that how to behave in order to be effective. Considering the importance of managers’ role as main factor for creation of employees’ commitment and contribution, the purpose of this study is identification of effective behaviors for managers. Questions of this research include: 1- what behaviors define management care? and 2- what model can be designed for management care behaviors? In this study, manager’s care behaviors are identified based on theoretic and experimental bases of care and management care field model is provided. This model can be an instrument for selection and reinforcement of managers and evaluation of organizational environment in order to creation of powerful field for knowledge generation and innovation.