Surveying Relation between Social Asset and Tendency to Innovation among Staffs of University of Tehran



The main feature of current era is change and organizations cannot evade innovation in order to answer contemporary changes and challenges. This fact absorbs management science researchers and managers' interest to social asset theory as a key and effective factor in improvement of organization performance level and creation of competitive advantage. This study surveys the relation between social asset and its dimensions (structural, relational, and perceptional) and tendency towards innovation, and also determines relative share of each dimension in prediction of tendency to innovation. Research methodology was descriptive- correlation type. Statistical population was all of staffs of University of Tehran, 308 persons were selected as the sample. In order to collect the data, two structured questionnaires (social asset and tendency to innovation) were used. Descriptive and deductive statistical methods such as correlation analysis and step-by-step regression analysis were applied for data analysis. Results showed that there is meaningful and positive relation between social asset and its dimensions on one hand, and tendency to innovation on the other hand.Also, structural and relational dimensions of social asset predict tendency to innovation while perceptional aspect cannot be an appropriate one for prediction of innovation trend.