Study on Influence of Attributive Recon-structing on Changing Attitude of Girl Stu-dents in Grade of Middle School to Math in Isfahan Province


Current research is aimed to study influence of attributive restructuring test on changing negative attitude of girls in grade of middle school to math in Isfahan Province. To achieve this purpose, sampling of testable has been devoted in 2 parts. In the first step, 300 girl students were chosen through multi-stage cluster random sampling and then attitude of scale to math was tested on them. And in the next stage, 60 students of testable who have negative attitude to math were chosen and after randomly equalization they were controlled and tested in two groups composed of 30 students. Statistical analysis of data was conducted in descriptive level through use of appropriate indices and in deductive level through testing variance analysis by re-measurements in order to survey significant differences between three types of scores: pretest, posttest and test track. Results of survey suggest that there is significant difference between girl students attitude towards math in pretest, posttest and test track (sig= 0.001, F= 74.417)  as influence of attributive restructuring sessions on changing girl students' negative attitude to math are evaluated as positive.