The Causal Relationships of Previous Aca-demic Performance and Homework As-signments with Current Academic Perfor-mance, with Mediation Role of Self-efficacy for Learning and Responsibility, in Male and Female High School Students in Ahwaz


The objective of the present study was testing the fitness of the suggested model based on direct and indirect relationship structural equations for relationship of prior academic performance and homework assignments with current academic performance, with mediating role of self-efficacy for perceived learning and responsibility in male and female high school students in Ahwaz. . This study was conducted in two stages: primary and main studies. The purpose of the primary study was to survey the psychometric features (reliability and validity) of Self-efficacy for questionnaire. . In this step of the study, 130 male and female high school students were selected randomly through multiple-stage random sampling method. These students were chosen from four educational districts in Ahwaz to fill the questionnaires. In the first stage reliability and validity of tools and scales was investigated and in the second step 400 students (200 male and 200 female) of Ahwaz high schools were selected through multi-stage random sampling in order to test the hypotheses and fitness of proposed model. According to the results, the proposed model based on casual relationship structural equations on mentioned variables had an acceptable fitness regarding the fitness indices. Although, in order to make mentioned model well fitted to data removing the insignificant and meaningless paths and modifying the model seemed to be necessary. Most of the analysis' indices showed a complete fitness of modified model to data. In proposed model of the study there was significant relationship between direct paths of previous and current academic performance, previous academic performance and self-efficacy for learning, previous academic performance and homework assignment, homework assignment and self-efficacy for learning, homework assignment and current academic performance, self-efficacy for learning and current academic performance, but paths related to responsibility were not significant.