Assessing the “Value” System of the Professors and Students in Shahed University



 The present study attempts to improve the “value” system of Shahed University students at various theological, economical, political, social, artistic and religious levels. For this purposes 242 students and 50 instructors were randomly selected and responded to 45 statements of Allport’s et al. Questionnaire (SOV), for which the validity and reliability were confirmed. The findings revealed that in the instructors’ “values” system, the scientific criteria had the highest ranking, while the political, economical, artistic, social and religious values had lower ranks, respectively. Moreover, in the students’ “value” system, economical, political, scientific, artistic, social and religious values were considered more significant, respectively. There was no significant difference between gender and all values except for the scientific value which was more important to male students than females.  The order of importance of values were political, economical to female students, political, scientific, artistic, social and religious values were of greater importance to male students. No significant relationship was observed between the students’ values structure and their residential status or field of study.