Meta-Analysis of the Relationships among the Dimensions of Organizational Commitment and Job Alternative, Tendency to Remain and Turnover



  On the basis of meta-analysis, the relationships among different dimensions of organizational commitment (identification, exchange and affiliation commitments) and job alternative, tendency remain and turnover were investigated. Fifteen studies were performed and 4129 subjects took part in the studies. Hunter and schmitt's technique was selected for meta-analysis. The effect size was computed. The results indicate that there is negative correlation among these three dimension of organizational commitment and job turnover (ranging from-0.165 for affiliation commitment to- 0.43 for the exchange commitment, P < 0.01). Whereas, a positive relationship was observed for the above- mentioned dimension of organization commitment and tendency to remain (ranging from 0.316 for the affiliation commitment to 0.43 for the identification commitment, P < 0.05).   However, a negative correlation exists among these dimensions and turnover (ranging from -0.312 for affiliation commitment to -0.43 for the exchange commitment). Based on the obtain results, additional suggestions are offered for further studies.