The Relationship between Organizational Commitment and the Quality of Services Offered by Administrative and Educational Staff in Shahed University (2005-2006)



  This is a descriptive survey. The statistical population of which were all the non-academic educational staff at shahed university during 2005-6 (n= 478). 279 individuals were male and the remaining 139 were female. The categorical sampling was applied to select the subjects. "Allen and May's" questionnaire was completed by them, that included twelve items dealing with organization a commitment. Parasouramen's 22 item questionnaire concerning the "service quality" was also used to collect the data. To assess the questionnaires' reliability, Cronbach's alpha was estimated. The co-efficient of which were 0.86 and 0.89, respectively. Descriptive methods such as frequency, percentage, average (mean), standard deviation and variance were also applied to the data, as well as, Pearson's coefficient test of one-way ANOVA, independent t-test, and Scheffe were performed.   The research findings indicate the level of th organizational commitment is significantly related to the quality of services presented. It is also positively correlated with other aspects of consistency, reliability, responsibility, confidence, sympathy and appearance. Furthermore, a significant relationship exists among organizational commitment and gender, age, education, employment status as well as their work experience.