The Efficiency of Technical and Vocational Education of High School Level Based on Two Indicators of Employment and Persuing Higher-Education in Shahrkord (1375-1380)



Since the experienced and skillful manpower is a determinant for the countries' development, the technical and vocational education is an influential sector in training skillful and since skillful manpower. The importance of the external efficacy of such training is obvious to all policymakers and educational designers therefore, the present study has undertaken the investigation of this significant relationship, taking the graduates' employment rate (the vocational type and working place), as well as, the ratio of the trainees' admission at higher education centers at the technical-vocational training centers as main indicators.
For this analytical- descriptive study, from a total population of 2346 graduates of vocational-technical high schools in Shahrekord during 1375-80, 400 subjects were randomly selected through proportional stratified sampling. The instrument for gathering data was a closed form questionnaire, the content validity of which was assessed and confirmed by some of the academic members of Esfahan University. In addition, the reliability of the questionnaire was 0.77 by Cronbach's Coefficient alpha.
The results indicated that the employment rate was 24.5%, while the rate of graduates' admittance at higher education centers was 55.8%. K2 (x2) showed that although a significant relationship existed between the employment rate and graduation from a vocational technical high school, it is low and some how irrelevant to the field of the study of graduates. However, no significant relationship was observed between admission to higher education centers and being a graduate of vocational-technical high schools. Thus, it can be concluded that more profound studies are required to investigate the necessary changes in different vocational-technical branches at high school, so that in accordance with the need of market, the trainees are graduated and employed based on their related fields of study.