A Study of Theology Students Attitude toward the Discipline of Theology and Islamic Sciences



This research is basically carried out to study the attitude of theology students toward the discipline of theology and Islamic science. To this aim first the questionnaire for measuring the attitude was designed and the psychometrical aspects of it were determined based on a preliminary study. Then through modifying the questionnaire, the attitude scale was made ready. 374 students majoring in different areas of theology and Islamic sciences were the statistical society of the research.
Research findings revealed the theology students' negative attitude toward their discipline. Student's most negative attitude referred to their texts and references and the atmosphere and rules governing their faculty. The results were true about both boys and girls as well as single and married students. The research showed that sex and seniority had no effect on students' attitude, but their minor was influential. Single students were showed to have a more negative attitude than married students. Students who liked to change their major field of study showed to have a more negative attitude than those who showed no interest in changing their major field of study.