The Survey of Mental and Physical Health of Slow Learners and Normal Students in Hamedan Province



Mental and Physical health of the Students and the impact they have on Learning as well as the role the school is playing in this regard have been the focus of many studies. The present research is also trying to investigate slow learners and normal student’s mental and physical health throughout schools in Hamedan province.
To this aim, three questionnaires, each for one level of school, were devised by the researcher to survey students' opinions on the issue. Besides, a scale was devised to rate the teacher’s, school counselor’s parents and expert’s ideas in this regard and the validity and reliability of the questionnaires were measured in a pilot study. Then through a multi – Stage cluster sampling, the samples were chosen.
Data analysis suggests that, on the whole the slow learners suffer mental and physical health problems more than the normal student's at all three levels.
Moreover, based on the answers found for the research questions, an attempt is made to identify and describe the major factors affecting student’s mental and physical health, and some suggestions are made to improve the perspective indexes.