Investigating the Physical Space Condition of Isfahan Schools With Respect to Standards of Schools’ Renovating, Developing and Equipping Organization



One of the important and effective factors in improving and increasing quality of teaching and learning is appropriate educational space. Improving physical space can help students in emotional, cognitive and psycho - motor domain and promote their motivations. In this research researcher has investigated and evaluated the physical condition of Isfahan schools with respect to standards set forth by schools’ renovating, developing and equipping organization and finally has provided a model for schools. This model has been planned based on new philosophical and scientific approaches such as Johnson and Johnson views designing. In this study 193 schools were selected through stratified sampling. Data were collected by using checklists and it was statistically analyzed. The results showed that Isfahan schools library condition, restrooms, open space and hallways are at a relatively ideal condition spacewise and the classrooms, laboratory, administrative space are at ideal condition. Administrative space per capita in three academic levels, educational space per capita in secondary schools and open space in high schools were ideal as well. Of course, other areas are away from the standards per capita and are not in an appropriate condition.