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An Investigation of the Effect of Emotional Intelligence, Self- Regulation Learning and Classroom Goal Orientation on Educational Progress of the Male Students of the First Year of High School in Qorve (33133 Views)
The Correlation of “Psychological Empowerment’, with “Job Satisfaction” and “Organizational Commitment” in University Employees (21792 Views)
Religious Education Pathology from Secondary School Principals’ Point of View (19371 Views)
A Comparative Study of Evolutionary Transformation of the Curriculum in Educational Sciences (19006 Views)
The Position of Students' Essential Social Skills in Middle School's Core Studies' Textbooks (17827 Views)
Explanation of Cognitive Factors (Locus of Control, Learned Helplessness and Golem Effect) in Educational Institutions (17007 Views)
Meta-Analysis of the Relationships among the Dimensions of Organizational Commitment and Job Alternative, Tendency to Remain and Turnover (16088 Views)
Epistmological Viewpoints About Teaching-Learning Strategies in Open Learning and Distance Education’s System (15490 Views)
Academic Achievement Motivation and Personality Traits (15393 Views)
The Study and Analysis of the Holly Defense Concepts´ Frequency in Elementary and Middle School Textbooks (14582 Views)
A Study of Psychological, Social and Economic Factors Affecting Happiness in Middle- Schools Based on Principals’ and Educators’ Viewpoints (14389 Views)
The Relationships among the Perceived Parenting Styles, Academic Motivation and Academic Achievement in High School Students (14388 Views)
The Study of the Moral Education from Imam Sadeq’s (AS) Point of View (Bases, Principles and Methods of Education) (14197 Views)
An Evaluation of the Performance of Middle School Students' Councils in attracting Students to Cooperation Committees (13266 Views)
An Analytical Study of Mohammad Bagher Hushiar's Philosophical and Educational Ideas and Thoughts Compared to the Viewpoints of the Contemporary Theorists (13070 Views)
Managers Awareness of Specific Learning Disabilities and Primary Schools-Students Academic Achievement (12977 Views)
The Comparative Study of Aims of Education from Idealism and Pragmatism Point of View (12893 Views)
The Impact of Inquiry Teaching Method on Growing Philosophical Thinking Skills of Fifth Grade students in Experimental Science Curriculum (12266 Views)
An Assessment of Reading Needs of Urban and Rural Novice Literates in Isfahan Literacy Movement (12248 Views)
Study on Influence of Attributive Recon-structing on Changing Attitude of Girl Stu-dents in Grade of Middle School to Math in Isfahan Province (11763 Views)
A Study of Relationship between Learning Styles, Personality Charac-teristics and Academic Performance (11251 Views)
A Study of Influential Factors in High School Management Effectiveness From Teachers and Principles Point of View (11189 Views)
A Comparison of Teachers' Stress Rate and Resources and its Relationship with Teachers' Demographic Features (11148 Views)
A Study of Guidance Quality of Supervisors on Dissertations of Postgraduate Students (10944 Views)
Analytics Study of the Basic Principles and Political Trainings in Imam Ali's Peace be Upon Him Nahj-Albalagheh (10874 Views)
The Evalution of the Quality of Teaching of High School Teachers in Tabriz Using Flanders' Interaction Analysis System (10827 Views)
The Efficiency of Technical and Vocational Education of High School Level Based on Two Indicators of Employment and Persuing Higher-Education in Shahrkord (1375-1380) (10735 Views)
Investigation of the Unintended Consequences of School's Social Climate in High Schools (10564 Views)
A Study of Procedures and Strategies for Generalizability of Education in General Education (10423 Views)
Education Process Based on Philosophy of Islamic Mysticism (10131 Views)
Tolerance of Ambiguity and Second Language Proficiency (9980 Views)
Survey of the Attitude of Teachers, Principals and District Administrators Regarding Climate, Educational, Social, and Economic Conditions on the Academic Calendar of Isfahan and Yazd High Schools (9857 Views)
Investigating the Physical Space Condition of Isfahan Schools With Respect to Standards of Schools’ Renovating, Developing and Equipping Organization (9752 Views)
The Relationship between Organizational Commitment and the Quality of Services Offered by Administrative and Educational Staff in Shahed University (2005-2006) (9448 Views)
The Relationship between the Dimensions of Epistemological Beliefs, Self-Efficacy and Academic Achivement in Physical Sciences among Guidance School Students (9316 Views)
Meeting Maslow’s Need Hierarchy and Job Satisfaction of Educational Managers (9301 Views)
Evaluation of Performance Quality of Humane Science Faculty Members in Payam Nour University in Procedure of Group Problem Solving Classes from Viewpoint of Students and Professors (9299 Views)
Investigation of Primary School Teacher Familiarity with Learning Theories and Their Applications in Teaching Process (9258 Views)
A Survey of the Relationship between Organizational Health of Schools and Teachers’ Burn out in Secondary Schools (Mahabad 2007-2008) (9237 Views)
Appropriate Content for Sex Education in Secondary Schools (9181 Views)
Academic Achievement in University: The Role of Basic Psychological Needs and Identity Styles (9156 Views)
Student's Evaluation of the Quality of Teaching of University Professors Teaching Human Science in Tehran Universites (8999 Views)
The Influence of Formative Assess-ment on Educational Achievement of the Fourth Grade Students in Science (1382-83) (8981 Views)
A Study of the Teacher's Expectation on their Evaluation of Students in Social Science and Experimental science) in Sanandaj Middle Schools (8961 Views)
The Effect of Metacognitive Based Education on Student’s Educational Achievement and Metacognitive Awareness in Science Curriculum of Guidance Schools (8861 Views)
A Comparison of Shahed and non-Shahed Students' Social Growth (8512 Views)
Work Culture Attitude in Junior High School Textbooks: A Content Analysis (8419 Views)
The Relationship between Class Size and Student's Academic Achievement in Fifth Grade (8394 Views)
Different Approaches to Lesson Study and the Relationship of Study Skills with Academic Achievement, Gender and Educational Experience of University Students (8384 Views)
Principles of Sexual Education in Islam (8330 Views)
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